Clean out the wax!   Here's my audio portfolio.

This Jewish American Life Presents: Sound Advice for Lolly (Thanks, Ira!)

This bit o' muckraking originally aired during Morning Edition on WVTF. 

Half-hour special on New York State's July 2011 Marriage Equality Bill.  Features religious, legal and purely festive perspectives. Aired on WKCR in New York.

This story is about abolitionist John Brown, and why we sing about his mouldering body.  Originally a BackStory Radio podcast.

Ever wonder when the news got so...jaundiced? Here's the skinny on Yellow Journalism's mascot. Originally BackStory Radio podcast. 

Rabbi Amita Jarmon weighs in on what it's like to be Rockland, Maine's first rabbi in over 70 years. Of course, congregants have some thoughts on the subject. Produced at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

Here's a LIVE reading I did of a non-fiction story I wrote about my time working in France as an organic farmer.

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