Bilbo in Bangor...

Dear Friends,

I was recently up in the great/cold city of Bangor, ME, where, incidentally, my excellent Uncle Geoff won a state senate seat away from a very misguided incumbent, (more on that later)!  And one morning before dawn, Geoff informed me that he was going to be on a local radio station to talk about his enlightened position on healthcare. "OH MY GOSH," I exclaimed, "MAY I COME WITH YOU?"  This is sort of a re-working of my initial reaction: "HOW DARE YOU WAKE ME FROM MY REVERIE, VILE BEAST!!!!"

As we pulled in to the parking lot of the radio station (WZON 103.1), I see they've got an adorable wooden play house on the front lawn. "I think we broadcast from that rabbit hutch," Geoff says. He's such a card, even in the morning. "Ha HA!" I replied, imagining myself pushing angry elves out of the way so I could build a media empire from their tiny home. So I got out of the car and started to walk to the door of the station, and Geoff started to walk toward the Hobbit hole.  "Mumblemurmur-- mumblemumble!" he called toward me. Geoff doesn't enunciate much.  Then I saw him open the big round door and disappear.  

Apparently, The Pulse Morning Show IS broadcast from here:

Well, I'll be.                                                                                                                                                                             

Geoff and Bilbo in the Morning. On WZON-Bangor!

Geoff and Bilbo in the Morning. On WZON-Bangor!


The Hobbit Hole comfortably seats 1. Snuggly seats 2.  Does not seat 3.   Here's Pat Lamarche, valiant host, and there is Geoff's head on the left.  There is no heat, but the guests provide plenty of hot air.  haHA!

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