Gluten Free's the Way to Sew!

As most of you probably know, I've cast a pretty wide activity net trying to snag some kindred spirits here in Columbus, Ohio. I've scheduled myself like a suburban middle-schooler, driving from church to temple to the zoo, to ukulele lessons. And in the spirit of sink or swim, I decided to pop in on Wild Goose's Stitch n' Bitch session last Tuesday. 

The problem is, I can really only contribute to half of that equation, and it's not the "Stitch." Since I'm not a knitter, I decided to make a sort of "diversion project" that I could fumble away with while other people chatted and purled their way to new sweaters and afghans. And because I've loved fake food ever since Trinity United Methodist Daycare got that plastic shopping cart/produce basket set in 1988, I thought I'd stitch myself a felt donut. I owe it all to the wonderful craft site Skip to My Lou, whose recipe for chocolate frosted probably lowered my blood pressure for the first time in the history of confections. 

What a great group of stitchers at Wild Goose! Kudos to their 6 creative minds and 60 nimble fingers. Toward the middle of my project, one of my compatriots stopped knitting her cousin's wedding dress and looked down at my lap. "Oh my God," she said, "tell me that's a donut."  

Mo' donuts, mo' craftz.

Mo' donuts, mo' craftz.

That's a donut, bitch.

Hello, World!